We know it's not easy being a parent.

So let us do the picking, so that you can focus on the reading (:

Hi! We are K and T from Singapore.

We grew up in the local bilingual education system in the 90's-00's.
Chinese in mother tongue classes and English for all others.

It's not easy to have a good mastery of the language and remain good at it,

particularly with the little opportunities we had in school,

and for some of us, at home as well.

However, we still have a passion for the language.

We feel that it binds us to our heritage,

and as we started working, we know how those snippets of Chinese come in handy at times.

(E.g. reviewing Chinese documents, translating Chinese documents for international colleagues and clients)


It's our belief that learning takes interest.

And at KOKO AND OTTO, we want to make it interesting to learn.

We found that it's not as easy to find good Chinese books as it is English books.

Hence we set out on a mission to seek out the really fun and cool ones that we want to share with you.

With our specially handpicked books ⁠—
You will enjoy it. Your kids will enjoy it. 

So come give it a try!


TLDR: We like the Chinese language and we want to promote the learning of it.